Editorials (or rants)

Opinion: How the Marvel Brand is Actually Hurting Venom's Marketing Campaign

An opinion piece on how the Marvel brand and logo is negatively affecting the marketing for Venom and other non-superhero Marvel properties.

ScreenCanuck's New Direction For 2018!

Announcing some changes to ScreenCanuck's focus in the coming year!

2017 In Review

A look back at the good and the bad of 2017.

Friday the 13th: In Defense of Jason X

Haters be damned. Jason X is one hell of a fun movie!

The Dark Tower: A Fanboy's Reaction

Not a review. Literally just the reaction of an unobjective fanboy (Me).

Canada Day! Screen Canuck's Top 5 Canadian Movies

Canada, my home and native land, turns 150 today.   So what better way for a film freak like myself to celebrate than to take a look back at yours truly's 5 favorite Canuck films!  

Screen Canuck's Top 5 Awesome Movies You Didn't Know Were Directed by Women

For International Women's Day, a look at 5 awesome movies you probably didn't know were directed by women.

Sybil (1976) vs Split (2017): A Comparative Look

A comparative look at two great but very different films about dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder).

Screen Canuck's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017!

A break down of the top 10 movies yours truly is looking forward to this year!

Will Netflix's Punisher series have a place in today's world of mass shootings and gun control debates? The answer is Yes.

In this editorial, I explore the question of if there is a place for a Punisher television series in today's climate of mass shootings and gun control debates.