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Monday Monsters: Mon Mon Mon Monsters (2018)

Poster image showing a grey-skinned feral female humanoid creature.  It is crouching close to the ground as if about to pounce.  It has long, dirty, stringy hair and it's face is in shadow, with glowing eyes.  It is in a classroom surrounded by the bloodied corpses of teenage students.   There is yellow Taiwanese lettering over the image.

A bullied boy and his tormentors capture an undead, cannibalistic monster in this socially conscious Taiwanese creature feature.

Review: Marrowbone (2018)

Poster image showing 4 antique rag dolls lying on an old wooden floor.  There are 3 boy dolls and 1 girl doll.  A shotgun is laid over the dolls.  At the bottom of the image the word "Marrowbone" appears in stylistic gray block letters.

Review for the 2018 mystery thriller starring George MacKay, Mia Goth, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton.

Documentary Review: Spookers

Poster image showing rough drawings of several faces.  A normal looking man and woman surrounded by various ghoulish looking horror figures, zombies, clowns, demons, etc.   At the bottom of the image is written "Spookers" in red lettering

Review for the documentary "Spookers", a candid look at the lives of the actors working at one of the most renowned "scream parks".

Foreign Friday: Cold Hell (Die Hölle)

Poster image showing Violetta Schurawlow, a young Turkish woman standing on a city street at night.  She is dressed all in black, facing the camera with a scowl on her face.  Behind her is a car engulfed in flames.  Written at the top of the image in French is "We don't go to Hell.  Hell comes to us".  Written at the bottom of the image is "Cold Hell"

Review for the German-Austrian thriller which finds a stone-faced heroine taking on a vicious serial killer.

Throwback Thursday: Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

A look back at this game-changing piece of cinematic history half a century later.

Monday Monsters: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man - 75th Anniversary Retrospective

Artists rendition of the Frankenstein monster fighting the Wolf Man in a forest.  An attractive woman in a luxurious red gown, lying on her side, is at their feet looking up.  The words "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man" are superimposed over the image in yellow block letters

The Universal Monsters. Rockin' the whole shared cinematic universe thing before Marvel made it cool.

Foreign Friday: The Villainess

Screenshot of a young Asian woman leaning against a pillar.  She is dressed in black, wearing a leather jacket.  She is holding an assault rifle, pointed down towards the ground.  Her hair is in a ponytail.

Mind blowing stunts, brutal, in-your-face action, all topped off with a healthy serving of feels in South Korea's "The Villainess".

Throwback Thursday: The Terror (1963)

Poster image for The Terror.  It shows a painted rendition of Boris Karloff's face, an elderly man with harsh features.  Below his face we see a spiderweb with several attractive women caught in it.  Written in horror-stylistic writing is "Boris Karloff" and underneath that, in larger letters "The Terror".

A look back at this gothic mystery/thriller directed by Roger Corman and starring two legends, Boris Karloff near the end of his career and Jack Nicholson at the start of his.

Opinion: How the Marvel Brand is Actually Hurting Venom's Marketing Campaign

3 images.  The top image is Venom, a heavily muscled, black, humanoid creature with large eyes, fluid, liquid like skin and large mouth with pointed teeth and a long, pointed tongue dripping drool.  The bottom image is a young teen girl holding her hands to her head in distress.  She is standing in a room where faces appear to be pushing through the walls.  The third is a small colorful cartoon image of  a group of colorfully garbed superheroes smiling and making a pact with their hands

An opinion piece on how the Marvel brand and logo is negatively affecting the marketing for Venom and other non-superhero Marvel properties.